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Why listen to post-rock


So I recently stumbled upon this great music from Oh Hiroshima! They are a Swedish band specializing in post-rock. I had no idea it was a thing, but it definitely exists, and blows your mind. Perhaps I would not be drooling over it, but I would definitely listen to it on long trips, and wouldn’t mind playing a record when I am jogging, or working on something (like this blog post). It’s amazing how effective it is in helping you tune out.

However, if even for a moment you need to plug-in to the soul of the earth, even if for a fleeting moment if you want to travel to the stars, then there is nothing better than progressive psychedelic rock.

Happy tripping \m/


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Coming full circle: why editing doesn’t make me cry anymore

In my younger days as a writer/content writer, a heavily edited script used to make me feel miserable. I hated my editors and managers, and thought that they don’t know English. There have been times when I have cried myself to sleep over a document that bled with red marks of shame.

Today, things are a little different. Just finished editing this page from an upcoming story that I am writing. It looks like it has been through a war of thousand cuts. Yet, I feel immense joy and pride in this work. It’s not perfect, it will never be perfect. However, with every edit I bring it little closer to perfection. As a writer, I think that is what counts.