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I dug, and dug, for water
Only to find a skeletal another,
Sat down next to him, for a dry company.
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A bad valentine


My love,  my dearest,
sultry goddess of my red seas
For you I should sail a thousand ships
and feed you the manna from the sky
But I am mortal, a rather incompetent one

So I struggle to tell you how much I adore you,
How my dreams and days converge when you are with me,
I struggle to tell you how I wait for the next meeting with you
But, know this, that I love you, like the last bloom of spring is loved,
Silently, and without drama, lest it might cause it to fall

by Harshad Karmalkar


Seven Blues

I have been listening to Blues a lot these days… Perhaps its an influence for what I wrote today. A little poem that is about a day from past.

Warm faces melting smiles,

Did you say hello from the shore

Let me take my canoe there

Life is good, it’s so fair

And I want to tell you so

When it’s time to go

And I want to love you then

Way past seven girl, way past seven

The wet music hymns,

Are you really so silent there

Or have I gone deaf like the sunset

Life is good, its so good

And I want to tell you so

Just when it’s time to go

The canoe sinks and so does love when

we were fooling around, and it’s just seven

I call it the ‘Seven Blues’.