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Why listen to post-rock


So I recently stumbled upon this great music from Oh Hiroshima! They are a Swedish band specializing in post-rock. I had no idea it was a thing, but it definitely exists, and blows your mind. Perhaps I would not be drooling over it, but I would definitely listen to it on long trips, and wouldn’t mind playing a record when I am jogging, or working on something (like this blog post). It’s amazing how effective it is in helping you tune out.

However, if even for a moment you need to plug-in to the soul of the earth, even if for a fleeting moment if you want to travel to the stars, then there is nothing better than progressive psychedelic rock.

Happy tripping \m/


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Doodle Jump? hmm…



This is not my doodle. Mine probably isn’t pretty enough, but it’s cute. This is one of those habits that has survived from school. I have never been on the bright side of the class, and my exceptional achievement in school was to do a piece of solo act, kind of like a stand-up comedy act. I fluttered through the entire thing, and made a fool of myself. Throughout my school life, I have doodled something on the back of my books. 

Sometimes it used to be a game of tic-tac-toe, I had played with myself ( I always won those). The other times, it used to be any gibberish. Once someone had filled up my book with the name of girl they liked. Doodling was a cool thing then. I had just never given up on it. My college books, benches, and many other usable surfaces have the mark of my script. 

These days however, I doodle just to know what’s on my mind. It helps to get things from my head on paper. Slowly, but surely paper is dying. Sometimes I think of myself as one of those badass old guys who keep using the old technology and save the world using it in future. I imagine myself to be old, bald, with a missing tooth, writing letters to people on paper, doodling away on paper. It’s satisfying, a release of sorts. I have a mind that does not like stopping, or complying. So like a wild animal, it has to be chased down, and followed to decipher. An activity that mimics the thoughts in my head directly comes in handy. Right now I am not sure what good will all this doodling do. It’s not the solution I am looking for simple problems of life. And yet, I don’t care. I find it relaxing, almost meditative. I just need to be careful of disposing off the pictures of brainwaves. 😛