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Rise of the Food Nazis

So suddenly there is this massive movement of healthy eating, and it’s a good thing. However, when people start telling others what to eat, all the time, it gets a bit too much. So whenever one is about to get the sweet release by biting into a chocolate brownie you see someone make this comments below.

“That is so unhealthy”.

That heavenly piece of joy turns to ash the moment you hear that. It’s not that I am not aware about what eating sugar does to the body. It’s the not that I am unaware of the calorie missile I am sending on my body when I devour ‘dal pakwan’ with ghee. I choose to do it, because I am an adult with rights.

So I am going to tell you all food nazis out there. Just mind  your own business people, or I would start telling  you stuff about your salads that you didn’t want to hear.



And then…

This little gem is a magic bullet of music. When I heard Rattle That Lock, a solo album by David Gilmour released last year, I was completely taken by tracks like 5 AM, and In Any Tongue. While I maintain that those two are indeed the highlight for me, recently I heard the entire album again, and I was blown away by And Then…

It sums up the entire album in a true blue Pink Floyd tradition. I have been on the loop continuously. If you have a copy of the album, due tune in.

I couldn’t find the original on Youtube, but here is a cover.


Donald Trump is using B2B marketing 101, but will it work?


In my career of writing for B2B audience, I have done my share of inane – writing case studies and solution briefs. It can get pretty rough when there is only so much you can do about the format, and the clients keep hammering for ‘something different’. Honestly people, how many different ways can you write a case study of why you are better, cheaper, awesomer ? If you listen to what Trump says in most of his speeches, not many. For those who are not familiar with the basic format, it comes down to the following. There are many different ways to make it seem like it’s different, but it’s just these three things.

1. You Have a Problem, and we know it’s a BIG Problem

Americans losing jobs is a real problem. It’s very personal for anyone, and there is an immediate connect. It’s what you aim to do as a marketer, magnify existing problems. The more dire the situation your buyer is in, the better chances of them listening to anyone and everyone. If you make a compelling case, you get one foot inside the door, and have them listening to what you have to say. Next step is to tell them why it’s a problem

2. Nobody will admit it, but here is why this is happening

Will people listen to you if you just tell them, “hey I know you have a problem.” Of course not. Tell people why they are losing their jobs, and they would agree to almost anything you say as long as you don’t say “Because you aren’t good”. Blame it on almost anything or anyone else, and people will be more open to listen to you. If you say something that they might already have a little bias about, bingo! All you need to do now is to tell them what you are going to do about it.

3. Here is how we’re gonna make things awesome for you!

The last part is the ‘proof’ of the concept. It’s the most critical part of a case study, and this will decide if people buy into what you are saying. Your past records, how you helped certain XYZ company, and bunch of other ‘proof points’, it all comes down to why people should believe in you. However

The stronger biases of the audience, the lesser proof they need

Have you observed this effect anywhere else? Let’s look at Apple. Of course they make great products, but because their buyers are so heavily into the Apple ethos, they don’t require much convincing to buy the latest phone. Oh sure they will crib about how the latest one is not up to the standards, but they will buy it anyway.

Now, this usually works when people are buying property, or software, or pretty much anything. Would Donald Trump be right in assuming he could use this completely transparent strategy to win support for America’s most important position? Apparently he would be, based on the nominations, and the initial lead he got after the Republican convention. There is a long way to go still, but certainly Trump has managed to create a splash!