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What could be done to abolish caste


BJP has been appropriating all national heroes India has. Since the agenda has moved from being simply pro-hindu to being pro-hindu + progressive, this kind of symbolic appropriation is nothing unexpected. Hindu upper castes feel in control, they love the spin BJP gives to traditional vitriolic. Right wing think-tank is continuously at work to create progressive sounding rhetoric that changes little on ground, except polarizing the masses further. There is one key problem that BJP would love to address, but haven’t dared so far. Reservations.

Taking away reservations will not bridge the gap between lower castes and upper castes. It will only fuel the anger against ‘savarnas’ or upper castes for taking away priviledge that the community had got accustomed to. Also, it would be unfair for really underpriviledged communities, many of whom are even now marginalized. In many ways, this is a catch 22 situation with seemingly no answer. If you don’t give reservations, underdeveloped communities suffer, if you do, then the bias against lower castes strenghthens. Handing out reservations to economically underdeveloped is often pitched as a way out, but in a corrupt country like ours, how difficult it is to falsify economic state? Many of our politicians do not even have a crore in their bank accounts after all!

The only way out I see is offering reservations to progeny of inter-caste, and inter-religion couples. This could make a marriage in lower caste desirable for many upper castes if it means consolidation of wealth. Sure many fourth or fifth generation ‘lower-castes’, who are under-privileged would benefit, as they would be closest to what upper caste hindus find attractive. Yet, a state sanctioned benefit for breaking down caste barriers could have long term positive repercussions in annihilation of caste from India.

The question is, who will bell the cat?

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Three stages of using social media

Righteousness: When you write a scathing rebuke to stupid posts.
Maturity: When you avoid commenting on such posts.
Nirvana: When you understand that you post a lot of crap as well.
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A bad valentine


My love,  my dearest,
sultry goddess of my red seas
For you I should sail a thousand ships
and feed you the manna from the sky
But I am mortal, a rather incompetent one

So I struggle to tell you how much I adore you,
How my dreams and days converge when you are with me,
I struggle to tell you how I wait for the next meeting with you
But, know this, that I love you, like the last bloom of spring is loved,
Silently, and without drama, lest it might cause it to fall

by Harshad Karmalkar

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History in every bite


If you think of it, Bun-Maska and Irani chai has such rich human heritage. The brown elixir of chai, that flows down the history lane from China, to the British occupation of India, and finally in the Irani cafes. The bun and butter that is as ancient as human agriculture, and domestication of cattle. And it all comes together when you dip that buttered bread in pani-kam chai. A yummy piece of history in every bite.

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How demonetization made me healthier


Frankly I am tired. Of all the cribbing around the long lines, about elaborate hyperbole on how  it hasn’t done anything at all. I think one must look at every policy change positively. I think demonetization is helping the common man get healthier.

Here is why: 

  • I walk more in search of working ATMs.
  • I stand more than usual due to queues.
  • I avoid junk on street as well as copious chai I used to consume.
  • I sleep on time, because I need to get up early to hit the bank.
  • I am making a lot of friends at the bank, so social life is booming, and that is good for my mental health.
  • Finally, I have completely stopped drinking, because I would rather spend what money I have on food, and other basic necessities.

Honestly, the inner fakir is loving it. 🙂 🙂

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Rise of the Food Nazis

So suddenly there is this massive movement of healthy eating, and it’s a good thing. However, when people start telling others what to eat, all the time, it gets a bit too much. So whenever one is about to get the sweet release by biting into a chocolate brownie you see someone make this comments below.

“That is so unhealthy”.

That heavenly piece of joy turns to ash the moment you hear that. It’s not that I am not aware about what eating sugar does to the body. It’s the not that I am unaware of the calorie missile I am sending on my body when I devour ‘dal pakwan’ with ghee. I choose to do it, because I am an adult with rights.

So I am going to tell you all food nazis out there. Just mind  your own business people, or I would start telling  you stuff about your salads that you didn’t want to hear.


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Live for today

It always makes me wonder why Camel is not as widely known as some of the other progressive rock bands. Recently heard this rare gem from Camel. Absolutely stunning lyrics, and melodic solo. Enjoy!


For Today Lyrics

I saw a pearl of wisdom
in the spirit of a man
as he saved
the day he lost.

Time will say I told you so
if we look back in regret.
Never give a day away.
It won’t return the same again.

Nothing can last
there are no second chances.
Never give a day away.
Always live for today.