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Rise of the Food Nazis

So suddenly there is this massive movement of healthy eating, and it’s a good thing. However, when people start telling others what to eat, all the time, it gets a bit too much. So whenever one is about to get the sweet release by biting into a chocolate brownie you see someone make this comments below.

“That is so unhealthy”.

That heavenly piece of joy turns to ash the moment you hear that. It’s not that I am not aware about what eating sugar does to the body. It’s the not that I am unaware of the calorie missile I am sending on my body when I devour ‘dal pakwan’ with ghee. I choose to do it, because I am an adult with rights.

So I am going to tell you all food nazis out there. Just mind  your own business people, or I would start telling  you stuff about your salads that you didn’t want to hear.



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