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Hello, Google Allo


screenshot_20160921-155548So I tried Google Allo for a few hours, and what I experienced was really refreshing. To sum it up, Google Allo is WhatsApp for the lazy people. Apart from features of WhatsApp such as sending texts, voice messages, videos, and emojis, here are a few extra things that this App lets you do.

Chat with @google 

Google Now was suffering with a terrible predicament. It did not have a personality as distinct as Siri or Cortana. With @google, Alphabet is trying to hedge the bets slightly in their favor. @google has a distinct personality and gives quirky replies when asked a question. On a 4G connection the responses were instantaneous.

Autocomplete on steroids

Forget about your keyboard completing the words for you, Allo completes the whole conversation. It gives extremely appropriate responses for the usual questions. For example, if you asked your friend

“Do you want to have lunch?”

They would immediately get following suggestions from Allo.

“Yes”, “No”, “Sure”

If they select “Yes”, you would immediately get following suggestion.

“What time”, and then finally they would get a suggestion

“Whenever you want”.

To put it simply, two lazy people can end up having an entire conversation without having to actually type anything. It’s still developing as often the suggestions are not to the point, or too short. However, as the usage increases, this should only improve.

Overall, Allo seems like a very friendly chat messenger app, and I would recommend it to everyone.


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