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The trouble with online shopping


I have always been a very reluctant buyer. I don’t particularly enjoy going from one shop to the other, heckling with the shop owners, or getting the newest craze on the market. So traditional shopping has been a downer for me. Things changed when I moved to online shopping.

I now spend a considerably longer time surfing through online shopping portals for things, I don’t need. I have bought too many books that I will probably never read, and movies that I would never see. So nothing wrong with spending money on stuff I don’t need right? Wrong.

I recently realized that when I actually need to buy things that I would probably use more often, I have no money left for it. There is always credit card, and easy EMI option, but I wouldn’t have had to take a loan if I had didn’t spend purchasing needless stuff.

Then again, when I look at my bookshelf, it does look kind of awesome. đŸ™‚


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