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Eat up for feminism!


I see many young girls, women starve themselves, and count pleasure of life in little chunks. Usually next to them, are their plump spouses , boyfriends, brothers, friends, merrily sucking out life from a juicy piece of carb. The girl next to them looks at that piece of carb with eyes that could melt the Antarctic, yet she would never touch it, come what may.

Something isn’t right about this picture. Nothing pleases me more than seeing a foodie enjoy his or her meal. So girls, women, sisters, take my advise. Don’t worry about that extra calorie every time. Don’t buy into the stereotype of perfect figure that the society wants to set for you. Next time you see a hot pizza smoldering with cheese, or a delightful chocolate cake oozing with life, just devour it. Because you are not eating for yourself, you are sticking it to ‘the man’.


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