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The cabbie who loved ‘Border’


Placeholder ImageSo after an amazing Manglorean dinner, at a close friend’s house, I got into this cab to go to bus stop. The cabbie was blasting off songs from Border, a 90’s patriotic bollywood hit. His enthusiasm was no infectious that I had to sing along with him! He told me his story as we drove to the Hyderabad bus stop.

This guy drove a truck for 35 years, and put together money to teach his son. The son is now a senior manager in some IT company in Bangalore. He now wants his father to retire, but the old man wants to stay busy. So they settled for getting a small car for him, in which he keeps playing 90’s music, and driving just 3 hours everyday.

As we arrived at the stop, I realized that I had managed to go through the whole life of a man in just 10 minutes.  Not sure if it was my imagination, or his storytelling skills. However, I can definitely say that now I know why time is priceless. #humansofbanglore.


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