Agile for Life


Yesterday, me and a friend from work were talking about life experiences.. funny how that can be eerily similar for two people brought up in very different environment. I suppose it’s nice in some way, it makes me feel as if there is an order to the chaos after all. I hate to bring up work on my blog, but couldn’t help noticing the parallels. 

I recently did a blog on Agile Testing for a client, and well I tend to retain most of what I read. So I wonder if we could bring in Agile methodology for life decisions. Do we do that already? Agile just starts testing stuff when it’s being prepared. Just like life starts testing us before we are even ready for it. I look back at my modest career path, and my disastrous love life, and wonder if things could have gone better if there was a way to test out everything. 

I could have chosen a better career, like medical or engineering, or even management. 

I could have avoided women that gave agony to my soul.

I could have dropped out of everything that didn’t seem to work. 

Until I finally found everything that was just right. But I did not do any of these things. I hate to admit it, but it looks like I do like failing, in a twisted way I can’t get enough of it. The whole point of Agile testing is to ensure a product that is perfect, and can be launched faster. So you don’t wait for something to be created completely till you start testing it. So if you know what your ‘idea’ life is going to be like, you could perhaps follow Agile to make sure you get there. For many of us though, there is no destination, there are no standards, there is nothing explicit that we want from life. Herein lies the failure of Agile. You can’t prepare or test for something that has no standards can you? When I am living my life without a plan, I have nothing to hold onto. It’s a bit like being suspended in space eternally with a blindfold. You wouldn’t know if you are falling, going in a wrong direction, or just not moving at all. 

On a positive note, if I had really planned out well, if I had used something like Agile, I probably wouldn’t have had all the awesome experiences I have had. There is no romance in perfection. It’s probably why I like failing and being lost so much. It’s the thrill that pulls me towards it. Lucky for me, the thrill is still pretty much alive and kicking inside. So Agile would have to wait. Maybe it’s something to look for when the thrill is gone??



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