Life changes, Reflections and rumination

Change & a cupboard under the stairs

A late night view from Trinity Circle, Banglore

A late night view from Trinity Circle, Banglore

Alright, I hadn’t expected things to move in speed that they did. Good news is, I am finally back into the game. I was offered a job in Banglore, and I took it with both hands. Perhaps I was a bit too eager ( as some friends suggested, I should have taken some time to join). I don’t like waiting though, not when there is another option available. So far it has been just getting acquainted with the city, getting my way around. So I didn’t get time to do a lot of exploring apart from my house-hunting adventures.

Some of the places I have seen in the past week in Banglore could make cupboard under the stairs seem like a great place to live your life. Not to be disrespectful to anyone who actually stays under the stairs. I met someone today who does, and the person had a great sense of humor. He had keys of an apartment I wanted to rent for myself, and he was having his meal when me and a burly real estate broker landed at his doorstep/window. He took a wee bit longer to open the door, and as he gave off the keys he said

Wo mera ghar jara bada hai na, thoda time lagta aneko

I have not been taught any reaction for that. So I just ignored it and decided to ponder on it over here. In that moment I envied the man for the simple reason that he has a strong attachment ( albeit with a grim understanding of his living conditions), he knew he was still at home, no matter how small or uncomfortable it may seem to others. I have no such thing… I don’t dwell on the details, but I really have been changing cities too often for my own good, and it does make an interesting case. There is a certain appeal to shifting gears at a high speed, and I cannot help but refer to pink floyd here.

Riding on the highest wave, you race towards an early grave

Well maybe it’s right. ( who am I kidding, it’s pink floyd they are never wrong. ) There is this restless thing inside all of us that makes us do things, to move on when we are too comfortable. My time in Banglore so far has been very fascinating, and it looks like it will be a long time before I am comfortable with the new city and a new job. And I like this feeling.


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