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Pacific Rim Review: The Weight-gain Risk




So I had been planning to see this movie for some time. Huge monsters, giant robot suits operated by cute chics, and an apocalypse which is going to be a near miss. All the ingredients of an action film that is easy on eyes. The fun begun right from the ticket cue. There was a guy in front of me who kept stressing on “Paaa si fic Rim”. It was weird, for the guy was clearly a maharashtrian, who for some reason was trying to sound australian. It got worse when he started speaking marathi. Anyway I had enjoyed the little tiff between the ticketing guy and the psuedo australian guy, so I moved on quickly to the film. 

The theatre was almost empty, and I knew then that this was no Avengers. Surely enough, the movie got old too soon. There was nothing that I hadn’t seen before, and I mean way before. It’s the kind of stuff I have seen in Japanese Anime who nobody watches anymore. There was one with a better storyline, something called Ninja Robots if I am not wrong. So now that I had promptly lost interest in the film, I moved over to the next best thing. The food. 

Citypride Kothrud has an assortment of food items, and it’s all mediocre. Nevertheless mediocre food is still food, and on any given day is much better than an average film which kept on it’s very predictable path. I must admit that the robot suits (Jaegers) looked really cool. So after munching on fries, corn and some other stuff, I realized that it wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe I was just hungry and couldn’t enjoy the honest effort of thousands of rendering specialists. So I tried to enjoy the film, and it did provide some excitement towards the end. Two dialogues were really good, got a decent laugh out of fifteen people theater. Overall, I think I would give it two stars out of five. It’s a film that can be summed up in a short one line description. 

Inter-dimensional aliens get kicked in the rear by nuclear powered robot suits , yay for humanity! 

So obviously you can go and watch it if that’s your thing, or if you really have noting else to do. Watch what you are eating though, you may go overboard and overeat your way to the glorious weight-gain! 



2 thoughts on “Pacific Rim Review: The Weight-gain Risk

  1. Benji Taylor says:

    Yesterday I gave my other half the choice of seeing Pacific Rim, Into Darkness or Man Of Steel at the cinema. Apparently that’s “no choice at all”?!


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