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To cook a long curry short ;)



So now that my evenings are filled with a lot of spare time, I thought of cooking for a change. I don’t cook much, even though I know how to ( theoretically). Most days the most I have cooked is rice, or tea. Sometimes I have made the vegetable curries the way my mom cooks them. Needless to say, I don’t come anywhere close to her cooking. So when I decided to make a paneer preparation, I had my concerns already. This probably deserved a better approach than the last time I had attempted it. 

I remember that incident very well. I had been cooking for a few days then. I had whipped up a killer curry the previous night, and wanted to take it a level up. So all my friends were invited, and put to task of handing me the finely and laboriously chopped pieces of onions, garlics, etc. Finally, I got down to business, and after half hour of pan busting, I had come up with the gravy which was hardly edible, if not downright distasteful. We ended up just having another curry with our rotis and rice. So this time I thought, I would make a mental list of things I need, based on how I wanted to make this. 

In a way it reminded me of poetry. You know what’s inside of you, even before you put your pen down to write. Yet, you don’t know exactly how it’s going to appear, what form it’s going to take. Cooking I think, is very similar. These days I have stopped using spoons and other measuring tricks. I think it’s because I am not afraid of trying, and because I have started trusting my nose again. At any rate, cooking is a fun activity, and I would probably indulge in it often. 

About the preparation in picture : This was a salad of corn and spring onions, and paneer curry with potatoes and baby corn. 


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