Reflections and rumination

Down the hill & across the universe


I have been many things, an above average student, a poet, a lover, and most recently a job-seeker. I do not have a fix image of myself in my head. I don’t wake up and say, ” I am an awesome artist.” I suppose nobody really does that, but I am a bit lazier and keep changing my definition as per my convenience. The idea has always been to add into my story. Never thought of going back on something, or stop being something. So now that I am no more an entrepreneur ( at least technically), it makes me think about what it meant to have been one. I read up somewhere recently “At the end, you start thinking about the beginning.” Perhaps that is really the case. Anyway, the whole point of writing down this little diary is sharing something much more important than me, the experience that otherwise would be very expensive. I would know, I paid it in blood, tears, and time. Well maybe not really in tears, but I did bleed once while travelling for business ( does that count?). Although, I would be lying if I say this is purely for purpose of education. Everyone needs to vent, it’s healthy like a fart. 

As far as beginnings are concerned, I often find myself retracing my steps and trying to find out what went wrong. I realize that there are many things that could have gone better, too many things to be honest. However, it’s pointless to dwell on the past if you have to learn something out of it. So yes, what have I learned? I started thinking about it when one really senior gentleman asked me the question in a job interview recently. What have I learned?? Until he asked me, I never had given it a thought. Of course I knew what I had learned, but there was never a need to frame it, make it into a nice little life lesson, or a quotable quote. In hindsight, I should have, it helps to understand things yourself. So here goes nothing. Learning of all three years , summarized in one sentence. 

There is a lot to be learned, there always is. 

So, that brings me to another tough question. Do I regret it? Of course not! I know that I didn’t learn everything, but I did learn a lot. These days I feel like one does after completing a great hike in the lush mountain range of sahyandri ( my first love 🙂 ). You feel great after having completed the trek, you close your eyes and every nook and corner that you passed is right there in front of you. Still, there is that unmistakable sadness of having to leave, and get back to real (?) life. There is sadness in walking away from the greatest joy and adventure you have known. Then you turn back, and you see, the mountain is still there, he is not leaving anywhere. I guess, past four years are my mountain now, those years are never going to leave me, and they are a part of me, as I was a part of them. And yet, there is that unmistakable sadness, of having to walk away from Purple Rabbit. Until next time, love. 



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