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Why Sysyphus would hate facebook

If you have ever wondered what your life is actually like? Where you are headed? You must have had a difficult time coping up with realities of urban life. Lets not bother to revisit the we-are-little-islands theory which is so popular these days. To be honest, the only consistent thing about any human life is a certain nothingness that envelopes you. Somewhere we all have a little vacuum that we are trying to fill up. It leads to interesting discoveries, interests. For some it’s religion, for others it something else. So many lives, and so many vacuums.

It makes me think about Sisyphus, who was ordered to carry a burden for eternity. Somewhere deep down, aren’t all of us just the same? If you go through facebook profiles of anyone, and I really mean anyone, you would see mundane facts about their life displayed in a very interesting way. You would see someone getting married, someone getting a new car, someone holidaying all the time, and other such details. The questions that remain unanswered are quite a few, for example, are they really getting their own boulder anywhere at all? Are they completely happy in their lives? Do they feel like they have achieved what they were born for? Somehow I don’t get that feeling at all.

Once in an interview I was asked to comment on the fact that my resume appears to be of a young man who is too restless. I replied by saying aren’t we all are restless in our own way? Show me a man who is fully content and happy, and has nothing to say about himself. Probably I would find someone who thinks he is happy and content, but would he really want to say nothing about his happiness? Would he not feel like sharing his happiness, displaying the extent of it? Why would such a man even belong to a society… I am sure he would much prefer the solace of alienation, than the encroachment of social warmth on his life. On this background, its interesting to note that, perhaps someone who is really too busy may not have anything to say about himself at all. Like Sysyphus, he would be too busy carrying his burden to feel anything about it. So when such a modern day Sysyphus comes across facebook, or the likes of it, ( pun totally intended), surely he would be amazed at finding nothing exciting about it. Perhaps such a person would truly hate the whole concept of sharing the personal life, as he or she would not have anything to share at all. So this makes me wonder if we as a society, as a slice in history of mankind, are getting too content ? Under the glitter of progress we are making, are we really getting meaningless and mundane without realising it? I am not sure how to put it, but a state where you don’t feel certain amount of restlessness about your existence, but need to consistently make an effort to assert that its there, is really horrible. One has to wonder if this is what apocalypse is all about.. when all that could be, is there, and all that couldn’t be doesn’t bother anyone.


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