Against All Things Different

Ever wondered about that school crush, and thought how ridiculous it was? Well everyone does that, but what about the current crush? Chances are that you would eventually realize how equally ridiculous that is. But as is the popular setiment, ‘it just works for us’, or even worse ” opposites attract”. I somehow never liked the term. Opposites shouldn’t attract, as it creates unnecessary civil resentment sooner or later. Why do we  not choose people and jobs, or as a matter of fact anything that is simply covenient, right and perfect for us? For ages we have tried to perfect our art, our science, our politics, our corruption, our felonies, and our machinations, our immorality and even our sin. Yes, so why indeed do I not try to stick to what is perfect for me. Technology is much simpler to understand. If only we could be as logical as computers! 

Now I would certainly get an argument that how would that make us human? & detestably, what is the point of life if everything is so neat and tidy. I will tell you what the problem is. Its very simple. What do we understand and define as ‘different’. Isn’t it merely what has been classified as a rare choice? Rare choices never need to be logical. Nor do they gurrentee plesant results all the time. If you go into sheer numbers, there cannot be a single person in the world who thinks differently. There ought to be someone who thinks like you. And let me get this right, why should unanimity be condemned when in fact that is the base of every society. When a large group of people agree on something, it creates a constitution, a nation, a state, and much more. It creates a society. If everyone thinks differently, there can never be a consensus, and thus in turn no society. To take this in comic book paradigm it will create a chaos, and anarchy which is perfectly represented by the joker, where as order is represented by Batman. While, we all  like oker, as a character, we do in the end want Batman to win, don’t we? But we are not doing so in our real life. Which is not only illogical, but also disasterous for the times to come. 

Imagine a scenario, where everyone starts his or her own organization, no matter how great the idea is, the idea itself is frightening, as it would make us lose on a great deal of time, the time it will take to let the best idea win, and rest die.  So coming back to the choice of life partners, shouldn’t we choose people who are like us, that will prevent from a lot of mishaps. You see, what you think as different than you, is just a matter of opinion. Eventually the different will be mundane, and the mundane may become extra ordinary. How do you then defend your decision. In such scenario, the wise idea would be to simply go with a path of least resistance. Of course now you would say that life is all about resistance. So that proves only one thing. Indian Cricket is dead. 


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