When You Know, You Don’t Have a Life

Now, I spend way too much time doing nothing of consequence, but even in things that have no consequence, there is a well established hierarchy of what is mundane, and what is totally worthless. Many people do know it when they are not up to anything at all. But sometimes we all need a check list. Maybe I should call it, ” Have I no real life quiz”.  So here goes.

Do you spend more than 10 minutes thinking about what to put in your facebook/ twitter status ?

Do you listen to music on youtube in spite of having it on your drive?

Do you sometimes, google yourself, and then for better results try to google everyone else you know.

Do you research on topics you have no real interest or use for?

Do you spend hours looking at your phone, expecting it to ring?

Do you roam in the city trying to find new roads, and places?

Do you keep guessing what will happen in one of the daily soaps?

Is there a bug you have been staring at for quite some time now?


Obviously, the more questions you answer as a Yes, the more is your probability of not having anything to do. In that case you should just try to get a life.


One thought on “When You Know, You Don’t Have a Life

  1. pandora's box says:

    nice 1 ..whatever written looks very apt for today’s inertia and for sm 1 who chronically gets unemployed !!!.the niceties of these so called dark zones are often demonized or misperceived these are the neo modern issues of new generations.the best way to handle them is to understand them .


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