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Then & Now Part I- Chatting

So, after ages, I decided to go back to a few basics after a long time. I was horrified to find that they have changed! Given below is my episode with chatting online lately.


I spot her, in her glorified green dot, available stauts. I am thinking hard on what to say, how do I start. Gosh this wasn’t this difficult back in the teenage. Things were pretty simple, ASL etc.. Facebook has messed up big time. Now you know everything before chatting, so there is nothing you can start with. ASL sounds cheap and stupid. and… hey !! Wait up!!

And just like that all hopes and dreams become- ‘offline’ . Where she was a second ago, is now an unmoving, unblinking grey dot.


I am a persistent soul, and so I thought I would learn from my mistakes and this time would not waste much time, thinking about how to start topic. There was someone I thought was extremely interesting for years. So I just decided to let it all go this time. For convinience, lets call my chatting partners as ‘X’.

Me: Hi

X: hey hi!

Me: Wassup

X: brb

I was waiting impatiently, as the green dot went ‘idle’ and orange.

By the time I was too eager to shut down everything, she was back.

X: Sry, on phone.

Me: So, what do you do.

X: hey, i gotta go, t2u later.

Me: so what I was saying,

X: bye!!

and she signed out.


Its weird how facebook has transformed, what was a nice, one on one mode of sharing thoughts, and feelings into a¬†pretentiousness, know it all group party. Well either that, or maybe I am not able to keep up with the pace of it. Suddenly its too weird to get around to the real stuff. Perhaps a part of it is inhibitions ? Talking to someone anonymous, is not really dangerous in a way that it doesn’t matter if you are going to say something wrong. I remember talking to some people I knew, but I only understood them after chatting with them. Nowadays every little detail about you is already there on your profile. It’s completely pointless to start a conversation based on that, because you already know what is the other person about. The worst part is, what you think you know, may not be the truth after all! I mean, how many people put honest stuff in their profile? It’s sad when good things have to go away, because of false notions of improvement. Internet changes so much, and so fast, but one has to wonder how much of it is really necessary. But then again, what would all those developers do if there are no changes for a long time?


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