Dost O’ Whisky?

As an avid reader and a guy, one just cannot ignore some of the greatest men who ever put a word down in writing. But sometimes it becomes difficult to keep a track of every single one of them, especially if you have a day job. Honestly, by the time you become old enough to understand quality literature, you really do not have enough time to enjoy it. So it leads to some of the funniest scenes you would ever come across when it comes to literature.

Sometimes I get too drawn in an author, and lose my ability to read anything else apart from what that author provides. I am at his mercy for some time. Recently I was taken by Fydor Dostovsky. A chance encounter with an old friend gave me an opportunity to gush about it like a school girl would for Brad Pitt. ( For those who think I am too proud, do notice how I can make fun of myself.) My dear friend, bless him, is unaware about wonders of Dostovsky. It does not help that he has extraordinary listening skills. So I did not know what to reply when he said ” Yes, Doston ke saath whisky peene jaisa kuch nahi”. It seems far fetched, but there are people out there who would think this way.

It helped me learn a valuable lesson though, nothing is set in stone. Because, the same friends is doing relatively good in professional life, is a genuine good at heart person, well liked by all. Does it really make him any lesser, if he doesn’t think much of Dostovsky? Common sense says it doesn’t, but can’t help feeling a bit superior. Old habits die hard I guess. After having read through some of his finest works, I decided to call up some old friends, for a possible late night get together. What is the life after all without friends and chats? My good friend had understood this even without reading Dostovsky, while I took my precious time. Maybe having a girlfriend has helped him understand the agonies of life better. But that is a topic for another post, isn’t it?


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