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Give me a scandal !!

By far, this has been the coldest few days I have seen, and I do not mean just weather. To be brutally honest, I have seen all kinds of days. I am one of those guys who love playing dead. For days in row I have stayed at home, doing nothing. But maybe the times, they are a changing. Maybe its really not worth doing anything at all these days. Because those who do, don’t do it right anyways. Lets see now, in terms of sports, India is having a real bad series, no real excitement there, with movies like Players releasing, I don’t see any hope in the entertainment section either. Politics, yes something is on, but nothing major. So I feel like screaming to the world, ” Where is my CWG? Where is my Jantar Mantar?”

In essence I have been so used to scandals now, that living without one is really becoming tougher by each passing day. Hmm, maybe those who stay in Bombay will understand what I mean. You know, when you stay in Bombay, and then suddenly you go to places like Pune, or ( shudders!!) Nasik, suddenly things are like on an atmospheric LSD. Slooooooow. I am still debating with my brother after our recent stay in Pune on something. I could swear I saw an accident happening really slow. But he wasn’t looking and the drivers claim to be at more than 80 miles per hour! Liars! So the point is, now just speed is not enough. Now I need to have that scandal, something major happening all the time.

So, what gives? Why the sudden slowdown ? I am not sure if the economic slowdown somehow affects the corruption levels. Technically it should. However somehow I am not ready to believe that if all the scams are exposed and all that money is brought into the main- stream it would solve economic issues that we have. I mean it could probably make us a bit rich as a country, but global economics will not see much change. Because I am sure the petrol is not getting any cheaper. Well on the flip side, if we get a veritable proof that the world is indeed going to end on 21st dec this year, it could lead to bright and joyous days again, because people would be taking great risks, in finance, business, love, politics, and even health. They say when a butterfly flaps wings somewhere, ……. never mind I am too lazy to put the exact quote. I would have googled it anyways. Only thing that still works in a fraction of second, except maybe attention spans of human teenagers. …..nah googled it, goldfish can’t remember more than 15 seconds back.


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