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The land of Excess

The first time I heard Kolaveri D, I thought it was a nice hummable piece, which I could blissfully put out of my mind unlike the horrors of Justin Bieber’s creations. They haunt you for days. Nevertheless, I thought Kolaveri was a decent song, but soon the song was everywhere, every street, every channel, radio, internet, virtually and literally everywhere. That is fine with me, but what was really surprising, is that it has still held on. They say public memory is very short, tell me about it. I still see the song almost everywhere. What irked me the most is an advert that is about drunk driving and it just says ” Why this Kolaveri?” Seriously, this tops it all. Sometimes I think we are a nation of extremes. We want all things good or bad in the largest possible quantity. So much has been written about that illusive century of Tendulkar ( the 100th 100) that when it will finally happen, I wouldn’t really think much of it.

A few days ago, I read an interesting piece of literature. And yes, magazines on the barber’s desk do count for literature. Well this magazine, lets call it Health for sake of social sanctity, it run this nice little story about how excessive use of internet porn makes people lousy at bed. I was surprised to read that so many people actually admitted at being lousy. Who does that? Even if you are told its anonymous, why would you admit such a thing at all? Maybe it makes people feel special (!! welcome to the 21st century ). So music, sports, sex, and well being social, we are really extreme at it all. In a country that thrives on containment and austerity ( look how contained our batsmen are in australia), its a strange paradox.

Well, we all love our little paradoxes, don’t we ? To be very frank, we think they are essential to our very existence. As I pondered over thoughts of national importance, my important part of brain was busy guiding my barber on how I wanted to look, and what was needed to be done. I am not usually that concerned, but I somehow feel the need to be in control when I am near barbers, tipsy women, and traffic police. Dangerous situations, all of them. My barber would agree, if he had time from humming Kolaveri.


2 thoughts on “The land of Excess

  1. Here is my take on success of Kolaveri D. It is quintessential Indian way of dealing with infuriating state of affairs in India. From the time we open our eyes in the morning..there are sequence of events that makes us extremely angry, till we sleep again at night. You wake up sweating, because there is electricity cut, then there is no water when you turn on the tap, then you boil milk, which you know is adulterated.. and so on. So by the time you are on road to office, you are smothered by pollution, the bus is late, it is raining like mad and there is water everywhere because BMC has not cleaned the drains. Then there is taxi driver, who is wiling to give you a ride, only if your pay double fare ( why.? because, you badly need that ride right?).. so this goes on. There is traffic jam because teenagers are dancing disco dance in front of Ganapati procession. People will die, if you object to that and if you happen to be Muslim, because it hurts our religious sentiments, not being able to shake our hips in front of Ganapati. Or the traffic is diverted for security of a VIP, you fight against the thought that this VIP really deserve to be assassinated….. So it goes on. You collect pay check and look at tax deduction at source.. and wonder what that is for. Your final burst of anger and humiliation is served to you by Indian cricket your self-esteem as Indian only depended on the success in cricket. .. So when it is time to sleep you are so drained with anger and feeling helpless..Kolaveri D is the best song to tune in to….the music also has that slow hypnotic quality useful for `taming a mad dog’;-)


    • prismcoaster says:

      hmm,Hanging on in quiet desperation is the Indian way? well perhaps. Things people do to bust stress never fail to amaze me. The local train stuntmen are absolutely a result of such frustration I believe.


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