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All you need is love?

I met a friend recently, she was crying heart out. It seems that she had again fought hard with her boyfriend. Well as a guy friend, you always want to get out of these kind of situations. Because sometimes you can say something stupid and make it worse for them. I used to think I am much better than the rest, and quite a charmer. But all that I could say to her was ” He wasn’t worth it anyways, everyone hates him” which to my utter dismay made her cry even more. For all those who are wondering why I didn’t just say ” there there, everything will be alright” , well it just doesn’t have that effect when you say it on phone. On top of it, I always remember this one instance when the dialogue went something like ” There, there , are you there? Hello? ” . The moment I realised what I was saying, I burst out laughing.

Back on with the friend, truth to be told I am right ( like always). Her boyfriend does not really deserve her. Even if I decide to ignore the glaring rift between the visual appeal both lovers have, she outmatches him by sheer warmth and liveliness that she brings. That guy always looks like something crawled up and died in his soft spot, no real smile from him. I once saw this guys going without a laugh in a Lady Gaga video. That has to be something. Sometimes people don’t choose well, and yet they want to persist. My beautiful friend, bless her soul, loves this guy for all his weirdness, attitude, and mistrust. There has to be some kind of logic behind this. I have never seen a perfect couple. Why are we so averse to the idea of perfect. My guy friends claim that its a girl thing, that girls are always choosing potentially dangerous partners, for it provides an adventure that they crave. But seriously I have even met guys who do the same mistake. That thing they call love, is seriously injurious to health.  The question is, why do we like what is not normal, what is not easy. Why do we choose fights for ourselves that we could easily do without? An answer is difficult, but I found it a few days back just by accident, while I watched TV. In a SITCOM, someone jut mentioned Taming of the Shrew.

A fine piece of work, but I could never understand why bother so much. Stories like that, and assumption that there is some good inside everyone lead people to think that bitches and frogs of the world are just temperary forms, and inside that crust lay a golden heart, a princess or a prince, just waiting for a kiss to transform. But people get the rude shock when it does not happen with that first kiss, or many other firsts.  Now, even if we assume that the frog could turn into a prince, would you really take that chance? I mean who knows how many have taken that chance and kissed the little froggy ? Sounds too much like a rave party to me.


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